Bilingualism!!! One who is HH congenital and all their life feels like an alien. If they speak, people see, think of them as "normal" and when they do not respond right. it can be seen in the "normal" persons face. Or people think bad of them when talked to and they do not answer, since there was no eye contact or lips for them to read. All people should be making eye contact when communicating. Whole world is becoming out of touch! Too busy with devices, creates human connection deficit.
     To top it all off. Mankind's rule makes HH and Deaf live in social isolation, not full inclusion. Famous Deaf are not included. When they, society, break you from living in "solitary confinement" in their community, without hope of ever feeling you belong and seeing death as the only way to end the excruciating pain. Mention 'Suicidal' thoughts and they get to throw you in real solitary confinement, stripped of everything but the clothes on your back, in a locked up Psyche Ward, without being informed! . And they will do this by forcefully if you do not hand everything over. Request a Bible? You be told, "we are trying to locate one", "Oh, one of the staff has one in there car and will get it when they can.", "oh yeah, we are still trying to find one." Five hours later, no bible, only one descent magazine; "Mother Earth", crap TV programs, but on request they found "Animal Planet" NO CAPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! They had no PBS, or reference programs. All this after waiting in the ER for 5 hours, happily knitting away on a blanket, using device to send messages with updated info to the friend that called 911.
     BTW the Doctor was a quack. Or double dipping, getting paid by the hospital and leeching off the welfare system. No wonder people think of anyone in the welfare system as pond scum, leeches, dead weigh on society and the world would be better off without them. THEY ARE VERY VERY WRONG! I AM SOME ONE! AND I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE THEM ANYWAY. THEY ARE MY NEIGHBORS!

helpguide: suicide-prevention/suicide-prevention-helping-someone-who-is-suicidal


     Fabulous! I am in Nesting phase! However, since abstinence really works, as does not having ongoing conversations with the opposite gender, and the Northeast is indeed going to have spring...it is REALLY spring & life cleaning, since both offspring have flown the coop! I am thinking to have the main area to be a place for gatherings! So, chairs are in need and ugly but sturdy and space friendly could add character... at first. With kudos for Domestic Dash's blogger, Claire; ! And thanks to your post I feel more confident in remodeling to renew, rejuvenate and invigorate for extended life and many more tales and yarns! OoooOo! I must post this in my blog! 
     I just love the tools; Copy & Paste! 😁



    Sitting on my sofa by the livingroom window while Winterstorm 'Nova' howls and rages on, I am pondering what to write about. Unlike the storm that is freely expressing itself on the other side of the window, the plethora of subjects that regularly actuate in/on my mind jam the doorway, shouting 'Here I am! Use me!' Needless to say it is a cacophony of indiscriminate noise. I do have one thought or rhetorical question, 'Are winter storms now so fierce that they are being named!?'


Too tempting! My carrot wool yarn soufflĂ© is now a pancake! The yarn had been spun onto a cone very tightly. After removing the cone, the yarn gets a little relief. Both ends are available: to unwind from outside or as pull "skein" from cone removal. I found that letting the yarn pile loosely would let the yarn relax before winding into a ball shaped soufflĂ©. I discovered this as I tried to lay out some yarn in neat long lengths draped back and fourth, seemed to tangle easy. Letting the yarn pile up, made winding it into a very loose ball easier, since it could not get twisted as the neatly draped lengths would. I got distracted and left the basket on the floor and the rest is history... Thankfully the pancake was fluffy. If anyone is wonder why all the fuss....fibers that are wound tightly stretches the yarn. Great! More yardage! Not great. Items crafted with such fiber  end up shrinking as the fiber relaxes. Natural animal fibers have great memory! I was going to do a yummy blog for raisin bread grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches, but the write up got deleted.